I look into the crowd and I see energy. Loads of it. Some light. Others heavy. The rest waiting to get fed. I center myself and prepare to pour into every person in the room. I’ve often taken the platform of speaking too lightly. Not realizing my gift isn’t meant to be misused or abused. With great talent comes so much responsibility. I realize I cannot move in the same way others do. I cannot afford to betray the trust of my friends or violate the support of my supporters.

Muses… how many of us have them? How many of us take the time to truly appreciate the beauty and depth of our relationships?

Over the past few months, I’ve been detaching from all that doesn’t serve me, making room for an abundance of inspiration. As I’m re-learning myself, I am discovering the esoteric nature of me. I used to think everyone I crossed paths with, should be my friend for life. I couldn’t fathom sharing a small part of my life with them and leaving, or watching them go.

The truth is, some people are placed in our lives to help us reach our next potential.

Death is inevitable. Relationships will die in some forms and thrive in other areas. It’s this looming reality that terrifies me some days because I am not privy as to when it will happen. Rather than fixate on the end, we must enjoy beginnings, continuations, we must learn to really soak in the magic all around us. I admit, I’ve gotten to a point of entitlement. I don’t always appreciate people as I should. I start to view them as machines that are supposed to function in a particular way to suit my needs. This behavior is not only selfish to them but it is a hindrance to me.

Life has taught us to mistreat people in a way that disallows us to adequately sustain great connections. I’ve become fearful of truly opening up to others because I want to protect myself from hurt. Pain is a part of this journey. Shrugging away isn’t a viable option as it manifests into delusion.

You don’t master resilience without hardship. You don’t conquer fear without facing the very thing that scares you.

As I continue to immerse myself in my art, I meet amazing people. Even if it is for a few minutes, there is a connection that transpires. In my line of work, I house a deluge of secrets because others have deemed me as their personal diary. I take this very seriously. The ability to share oneself without fear of judgement is freeing. We thrive off of connections. We need communication. Through them, I am reminded of my purpose in their lives and their purpose in mine.

There is a little artist in every single one of us. We just haven’t come across the person to help us see it.

Over the last few days, I’ve made amazing connections with people. Reaffirming what I know about myself. Reintroducing things I’ve forgotten. It’s all needed. We can only reach our highest ability when we truly surrender our pride and open up. This isn’t for the toxic person who causes you to destroy yourself. This isn’t for the enabler who gladly watches you stumble in your walk. This isn’t for the person who keeps their slot just because you’ve been friends forever (the placeholder).

Just as the seasons change and evolve each year into something not quite the same as before, we operate the same way. Time progresses, elements are tested in different conditions, and change occurs. The slightest change in circumstance could attribute to a change in relationships. Trust yourself to connect to those who feed your soul. To discern whether you should keep someone around or not.

I am at my healthiest when I am actively working in my purpose.

When you feel constant defeat, or depression, this is a sign that you are not in the right company; whether that be a job, or people, it is imperative you fumigate the thing or things that is causing havoc to your health. Think about how worn out you are after coming home from a job that no longer challenges you. Or how drained you feel after hanging with that friend with all the drama. How despondency inundates you after letting that family member take your last. These are not healthy practices conducive to a content life. Inspiration should be in all we do. Recognize when the time to migrate has come.

Plants that outgrow their pots require a larger pot. You do not cut off your leaves to remain stagnant.

It’s something that will be hard at first to master but over time, you will embrace the cyclical nature of our lives.

Our energy is aware of the potency of the people we come into contact with. It’s also the first to pull away when it’s time to go. We often ignore it attributing it to factors such as rough patch, time invested, granting unlimited grace, etc.

Energy doesn’t lie. We have to learn to trust its nudge and walk confidently into or away from whatever/whomever doesn’t benefit us.  Best of luck to you as you sift through your relationships and identify what kind of company you are keeping. 

7 thoughts on “Muses”

  1. This post is the conversation that we all MUST have with ourselves!! The connections we make with other humans should never drain us, they should sustain us and help us grow into what we want to become. Beautifully written!!

  2. Very inspirational and poignant post. The company that we keep plays a significant role in our development and it’s up to us to surround ourselves with those who encourage us and pushes us to be the best thst we can possibly be. Thanks again for this post!

  3. Thank you so much for being an inspiration in my life! Your journey is helping me to find my own way in so many ways. I appreciate you friend 😘

  4. The sad thing about this post is how real it is! Many people have those stagnant relationships and friendships that they know they should let go but of course they hold on because it’s what they are used to! Protect your energy and if the people around you aren’t on your same vibes, you have to let them go… great read !

  5. Your words are not just words. You speak truths that help me to navigate through this journey we call life. You have motivated me to a be a better woman. I am beyond grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for being the phenomal woman that you are, and for this amazing piece.

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