Because we are all curious humans by nature, I often get presented with these common questions. As a courtesy I have listed the top questions I am asked. If you should have any additional questions, please go to the contact page and send me a message. Thank you for visiting!

What kind of poetry do you write?


The kind of poetry I write, I hope is the stuff that sticks to you. I choose to write about the secrets stored within us. The stuff we’re afraid to admit for fear of judgment. Fear of vulnerability. I trust my bold move will inspire others to speak on their experiences, or if anything, allow them to forgive themselves and know, they’re not alone.


Your words are so powerful, what inspires you to write the way you do ?

Life and everything in it. I’m learning each encounter, good and bad, is a journey to self; a rediscovering of self and a rebirth in other ways. People’s energy stick to me and I carry that aura, and as an empath, it’s important I have a place to dump my emotions. Paper and pen has always been my confessional.



With all of the events, your family life, and working as an educator, what does Ashlee like to do for fun?

For fun. I like to go on adventures. Random drives and pick a place that appeals to me. And experience all that it is. Painting. Pole dance class. Rock climbing. Zip lining. Museum. Horse back riding. Even picking a new restaurant can be adventurous. I see art in everything. And the ability to experience what a business has to offer us a gift in itself.