Day 30

We tiptoed around this thing called love
For fear we’d detonate a series of
Tumultuous times
Unforgettable mistakes
Painful memories.
All we’ve ever known are the cries of the lonely
The agonizing screams of the neglected
The grief from the depressed.
And we never wanted to be them.
We competed in a tug-of-war
Refusing to fall victim to our hearts
Being in the other’s possession.
We played Russian Roulette
The practice of attempting to load
Our emotions into the chamber
Of one another
Hoping not to get hit,
We vowed love couldn’t thrive with us.
We hid like the everglade from our true selves
Seeking refuge in our cover ups
Love was the beginning to an end
And we found as friends
This was a safe haven.
We engaged in playing house
Because Pretend
Exonerated us from any real commitments…



Day ten

He wanted to taste the best things in life
So he kissed me
Said my tongue was conception
And my lips labored love.
He wanted to feel embrace at its finest
So he hugged me
Said my chest was the comfort his soul found peace in
And my arms, the hold he needed.
He desired something to believe in
So he looked at me
Said my eyes gave him a glance of God
And my smile showed him His grace.
I didn’t understand I was his safe place
His salvation
After so many obstacles he’s tripped over.
So as he stood on my doorstep,
Pleading to come in,
I had to turn him away
Because in everything I was to him,
It never stopped him from leaving in the first place.


Day four

Don’t be confused.
Laying on your back
Doesn’t guarantee
Anything but a round two
We’re conditioned
To silence our lips
But spread open our lips
In hopes to get into a relationship.
Baby girl, you’re more than what lies in between your thighs
You’re more than what meets the eye
But he will not respect it, if you don’t.

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