Take The Leap

Me: I’m not ready.

Also me: Is there such a thing?

Motherhood. Fitness. Writing. Teaching. All aspects that seemed inconceivable to me at the time. I lacked the belief in myself to be any good in these areas let alone excel in all. Doubt is a stench that follows, lingers, and festers if you do not address it.

Society has essentially taken our childlike wander, and held it captive. It holds us in bondage to our fears and leaves us in critical condition. Most of us remain in a catatonic state because that’s what feels safe. And secure. Let me be clear; there is no security in going against yourself, your dreams, and calling. Each day you kill a part of yourself perpetuating an image for the sake of bills. Is that truly the life you want?

We also make excuses. Whenever we’ve needed to find that “better paying” job, we’ve made it happen. But why not the same attitude as it relates to our dreams? My guess is turpitude. Turpitude is an intentional self inflicted act against ourselves when we do not rise to our aspirations; when we allow our present circumstances to dictate our transformation, thus stunting our growth emotionally and mentally. Too often we are burying ourselves and harvesting an unintended graveyard of untapped potential. This stench follows us and we think if we cover it by spraying the belief we must stay in this position, this job, we are somehow winning. The biggest loss is refusing to discover yourself at optimal level.

One of my good friends said it perfectly; “if we work ten minutes each day towards our goals and aspirations, that amounts to 70 minutes per week compared to the 0 of waiting around for the space to achieve our desires.”

The profundity of this statement struck a chord within. A euphonic reminder to just work within the few minutes I do have. Time is a fickle thing and if we keep waiting for ideal situations to arise to get things done, we will wait around for a long time and more than likely, never see our dreams blossom.

It’s my belief that there are detrimental messages that reach our subconscious and talk us out of taking any risks. This begins with the company we keep. We can choose people who shine the spotlight on the negative views we have about ourselves or choose the complete opposite. This paradigm can either force us to make a change or remain imprisoned by fear. We have to examine our circle regularly and perform the necessary maintenance check. Of course this means upon inspection, we know we must rid ourselves of anything that fails to serve us in a way that breeds growth.

It’s also important to understand not everyone will share your vision. It wasn’t given to them. It was shown to you. Of course you long to share the vision with others for accountability and support; the truth of the matter is there will be times you must work silently towards your truth. The desire to be free from the shackles we are in unfortunately isn’t in everyone’s immediate reach. Sometimes your courage will be the testimony for others to walk in their truth.

Change your narrative. Change your “I’m not ready” to “Bring it on”.

15 thoughts on “Take The Leap”

  1. Beautiful. Some lines in this should be posted in my house or my office Thank you Ashlee. U did it again ! ( no surprise there )

  2. Awesome piece, Ashlee! That’s actually the approach I’ve taken with my writing. Developing a set schedule to write my novels around my day job and college courses has kept me motivated in the pursuit of the hope that I will one day write a bestseller. Thank you for posting!

  3. This was definitely a great read and something to make you think! Thanks for your viewpoint, you always had a way of shining light unto certain situations.

  4. Another well thought and very valid post … def been contemplating going back into graphic design like I did previously with my biz … I let the 9-5 overshadow things and it should have been the other way around … thanks for relighting that fire 🔥

  5. Reminder to put that time into what’s really important. There’s rarely no time available if it’s planned out. What’s deemed important gets our time.

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