Embracing My Womandom

How many times as a woman have you had to apologize for your sexuality?

  • For the space you take?
  • For the love you want to receive?
  • For the demands you make?
I’ve silenced my womanhood for far too long to make the men in my life comfortable. Happy.  Safe. And every time I spoke up, I was led to believe my voice equated to the alarm clock placed on snooze. I’ve often apologized for being too loud. Too quiet. Too reserved. Too free. Too ME.
The relationships I have with men are often strained and lead to dysfunction.
 I am not afraid to admit: I have abandonment issues. And I will do what is necessary to keep him around, even if that means shutting parts of myself.
Society has led us to believe men are our mouthpiece. And we are the accessory. What happens when we’ve grown tired of being the pretty thing to look at? Touch? Acknowledge?
And dare I say it, fed up with being reduced to “yes-dear.”
I’ve been called every kind of bitch in the book because I’ve started to trust my own voice. Now I’m labeled and often tuned out should I have an opinion that differs from my male counterparts. As women, we even do it to one another, frequently turning our attention to the men in the room to validate our views.  We distrust our voice because we do not recognize it anymore.
The precise moment I accepted my womanhood meaning more to me than the ego of the men around me is when I realized I am more than enough.
I never needed to make ANY apologies for who I was created to be. I was fashioned with just enough sass and creativity. The right amount of candor and sensitivity. The gracious amount of aggression and humor. And anyone that tells me different, needs to be directed to the “exit” door of my life.
Society can only change when we reclaim what’s rightfully ours. We are made to expand, encourage, and inspire greatness with all we come into contact with.
From a woman who is constantly rediscovering and reclaiming her rightful place, I implore you to step out of the shadows of him, and be the her you’re meant to be.

5 thoughts on “Embracing My Womandom”

  1. Very well written! Remembering who we are and reclaiming our lost voices is so important. ❤️

  2. I feel you on this one. I’ve found that a lot of women tend to search for that validation in man to make sure they are “enough” and that only hurts them, as well as the man! Finding your own voice will forever be the best form of you!!! Great read!! Keep it up!

  3. This was amazingly written. Although I see so many women in these typical situations, it so good to see a strong women rise above it.

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